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Mt. Tam Climb

March 6th, 2011 by greg

Biking on Mt Tamalpas

Biking on Mt Tamalpias

For Bay Area cyclists, the Bovine Bakery in downtown Point Reyes Station functions as a giant, scone-powered magnet, drawing hungry peddlers in from San Francisco, Petaluma, and all points in between. But Point Reyes Station isn’t just a great destination for cyclists; it’s also a great starting point. If you like rolling terrain and cows, you can head west on the peninsula to the Point Reyes Lighthouse or Tomales Point. If you like rolling terrain and sheep, you can pedal north to Valley Ford and beyond. Go all the way to Jenner and the coastline turns spectacular. Turn off at Coleman Valley Road and you can take on a climb that has featured prominently in the Tour of California in recent years. Go south and you will eventually hit more spectacular coastline south of Stinson Beach. Veer east at points and you can ascend Mt. Tamalpais. If you like to ride off-road, the possibilities expand even further. Bottom line: It’s a great place for a cycling vacation. Whether you’re here for the weekend, a week, or even longer, you will be able to find spectacular and challenging rides to explore each day.

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